You know it is going to be a long night, when your six year old is sound asleep before getting ready to go Trick or Treating.
She finally rallied, and the three youngest were getting all gussied up, when Scout came in and asked where his costume was.  What???  He was very clear to me that he wasn’t going to dress up with the family this year.  But now — 15 minutes before Trick or Treating — he decided he wanted to.  i told him he was out of luck and to go grab something from the costume cupboard.  He then locked himself in his room, while he created his costume.  Right on the dot of us leaving … he came out as a greaser!  I was really impressed!  Good job Scout.
Meanwhile, Navy was the BEST devil!  Pippi was the sweetest angel.  And Dash was the cutest curly-haired cupid!
The night was a success!
As was the candy sorting and trading!
Happy Halloween!