The night of our wedding, we stayed in a suite at the St. Regis, compliments of Trilby.  And Tristen had decorated the room prior to our arrival to make it a special night.  We watched our engagement video and Lindsey kept talking to Summer on the phone.  It’s her night, so she gets to do what she wants.

The next morning we hopped on an airplane to Maui.  We were there for three days, relaxing and snorkeling at the hotel.  Again we had a nice suite, but this time the view was of the Maui coastline.  Then the fun began.
On day three we went to the airport to pick up the rest of our honeymoon travelers.  The next week of our honeymoon would include, Pat, Tristen, The Brockbanks, The Taylors, Seth and Brett and their boys, Shem and Kasi and their kids, Brooke and Jen, and Trilby and her girls.  By my count, there were twenty-eight of us.  That’s not including the baby in Brett’s tummy.  We all stayed at the Kea Lani in Wailea.  It was Lindsey’s dream vacation.

We spent most of the days poolside and the kids all got terrible sunburns.  They would play all day on the slides and the adults would sit under the cabana with books and games and poolside food service. 
In between, we would go snorkeling at nearby beaches and out to try the local restaurants.  My favorites were the Da Kitchen breakfast shack and Maui Taco.  I also thought the sushi sampler that we ordered at the Japanese restaurant was awesome, but I felt too sick afterwards tot call it my favorite.  Lindsey liked the nicer restaurants.  We both loved our Cheeseburger in Paradise but the dinner with Seth and Brett at David Paul’s was the best food we had the whole week.  It’s probably because they treated us, and somehow that always makes the food taste better. 

During the nights we tried to have some fun things planned.  Megan planned a water balloon fight and we planned a sand castle contest.  Some nights we’d just have a fun dinner.  One night Lindsey and I had all of the kids in our room to watch Swiss Family Robinson.  It was good to relax in front of a movie while all of the parents had a free night to enjoy Maui without having to keep an eye on their kids.

The kids got to play in the pool everyday until their skin was shriveled.  But we never got to go night swimming until the last night.  They really wanted to go in the pool one last time before we left.  After dinner we were passing the pool and decided to sneak in.  Most of the kids wore their underwear, “Micah style?—in tribute to my black swimming Speedos.  We took turns going up and down the slide, first one by one, then in long trains of eight and nine people.   The water wasn’t on so we had to wring wet towels from the top, and turned out to be the highlight of the trip for most of the kids.  They all couldn’t wait for the first day of school to tell the class how they got chased by the hotel security and ran through the lobby in their wet underwear.
The next day we flew back to LAX and a school bus picked us up and drove us back home.  What a great honeymoon.  Thanks Pat, hope we can all do it again.