It all starts when a man decides that he’s found the girl of his dreams.  25721865906_0_alb.jpgThe first, and most important, “present” of the marriage is the ring.  ring.gifShe’ll want something that she can show off to her friends.  She’ll also want a great story to tell about how you proposed.

Lindsey loved her wedding ring; it was an exact replica of her mother’s, only not quite as big. She calls herself mini-me when she’s wearing it. 

landscape.jpgI wasn’t sure if she really loved it when I proposed to her, although I assumed that she did because she had picked the same setting out for her mom’s diamond.  The night of our engagement is an absurd story that I like to call Christmas Greed.  The details are way too juicy for public posting, but just ask me and I’ll be happy to share.

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