Good Times!


When Susi asked Gary what he wanted for his birthday, his response was….”mom, the only thing I want for my birthday is to go to L.A. with you and Lindsey, go shopping and have some good food.”

So what Gary wanted is what Gary got!  Susi, Gary and I (+Scout) all headed up to L.A. for a day of shopping and hanging out.  Tristen and Brit were on their way home from a “Thelma and Louise” weekend drive to Santa Barbara in the convertible, and ended up meeting us there — a fun addition to the day!  We all met up in Hollywood, and the fun began!

 First Stop…Marc Jacobs



We all got darling Marc Jacobs bags/totes that are great for a night away, the beach, or anything else you may need a great bag for.  We also got wrist bags that fit all of the essentials perfectly in case I need to just “run out”.  I picked black patent leather for the bag, and red patent leather for the wrist bag.  I also got Micah a cute shirt, the girls great school totes and other goodies for different people.

Second Stop….Fred Segal / Free City


We all got the GREATEST sweatpants ever!  Free City is a little side shop to Fred Segal with the comfiest and cooziest sweatpants and shirts ever!  We were all having so much fun picking out our different colors and sizes.  I ended up with green, alongside Tristen and Susi.  Brit and G both got mustard yellow, and Micah got a black pair!  Gary was so excited about this stop because he knows I am a girl who loves to come home and curl up in my sweats!  These honestly should be on Oprah’s Favorite Things show. (Also note that the paparazzi was camped outside to see Elle MacPherson come out.)

Third Stop…..Helen Ficcolora

heart.jpg crown.jpg heart.jpg

(they are all in gold, and one heart is 1/2 the size of the other…too bad I am horrible with a camera and couldn’t just take the stinking picture!)

Gary gave me a heart HF necklace two years ago for my B-Day.  I guess it was about time to update the necklace with some more adorable charms.  I ended up with a crown with three little diamonds in it and another heart - but a mini one.  Micah is the big heart, I am the crown and Scout is the mini heart.  It is SO cute, and we had the best time looking at everything and trying everything on!  Tristen and Brit got butterfly best-friend charms, Sus got the cutest pearl bracelet/necklace (Tristen and I got it for her in honor of Pearl Leigh Seastrand that is currently in Britni’s tummy….hence the later post because i wasn’t allowed to announce the baby until Jason knew!), and G Funk got a very cool I.D. bracelet that he is going to engrave on.  He keeps going back and forth on what it will say, but the latest is “8-21-07″ representing the best birthday he’s ever had!


Last Stop…The Ivy

We ate at The Ivy and had a fabulous meal.  The restaurant was quaint and had a really homey feel.  The food was spectacular.  The lobster ravioli, ceasar salad and onion rings were to die for! I don’t always think the celebrity hot spots are all that great, but this place can cook!  Our waiter was really good and funny…when I asked to have the same thing Paris Hilton orders, he asked me if I really did want a tic tac and diet coke!  Great stop to eat!

Because we had two cars, Gary and I drove home with the top down in the convertible.  We blasted the heat, blared the music, and sang our way home!  Good Times!

I would like to note that Scout was along for the festivities, and he was perfect!  He did not cry, he did not fuss, he just sat and enjoyed the day as much as we all did.  At the Ivy, Gary and I were sitting on the bench with pillows behind us.  We propped Scout up and he sat there enthralled in everything that was happening for over 2 hours!  Everyone commented on how calm and cool he was, and I just smiled and answered, “I taught him everything he knows!”  That is when Tristen and Britni both rolled their eyes!


Happy, Happy Birthday Gary……let’s do it again for my birthday!





Happy BDAY G Funk!


G Funk…you are big time now!  22 yrs. old, and on your way to stardom!  XOXO, and L.A….here we come!

Fun Day of Swimming


I had a group of friends over to go swimming today.  The Thacks, Deckers, Hemeons, Tuckers, and part of the Harris family showed up.  It was low key and very fun.  The kids swam, jumped on the trampoline and played on the swings/slide.  It was just the girls until the dads showed up after work.  Good times and good friends — I wonder why I haven’t done this all summer long.  I think I am going to put a standing invitiation to whomever wants to come on a certain day every week.  So anyone who is interested, let me know what day works best!


American Idol Idiots!


 american-idol-8.jpg american-idol-7.jpg

I heard on the news that American Idol was coming to San Diego, so I immediately called my BFF Gary and said to plan on going down.  We called Tristen and she was game too.  I obviously brought Scout, so we also had Skylar “the Nanny” along.  So the five of us headed down at 3:30 in the morning to have a day full of excitement and exhaustion.  Gary has an amazing voice and sounds like Frankie Valley and Justin Timberlake put together.  We were already making plans for him to buy me a Range Rover when he won, just like Kelly Clarkson did for her best friend.  Tristen has kind of a nasaley and throaty voice that is a mix of the 90’s pop icon Erkel and a frog in heat. 

He sang Candy Girl and was amazing…..she sang T and A from the broadway musical “A Chorus Line”.  I couldn’t go down to where the judges were, but after Tristen sang, the entire group around her started applauding and laughing, and Gary said it was a riot.  Tristen said Gary was great, and both went on to the 2nd round - Tristen was there for the jokers I guess?!  (think William Hung)  It stopped after that, and after a long day, we were glad to be on the road.  I will say that the best part of the day was when we got there on Monday morning and were within the first 20 people to go into the stadium, when people had been there since Friday waiting.  We might not be the best singers in the world…but we are definitely the best finaglers!

american-idol-3.jpg american-idol-9.jpg


(This picture is when we sat in the handicapped section and Tristen slept while Gary Text messaged.  Because we sat here, Gary and Tristen were in the first group to go and see the judges for the first time.  Keep in mind, we called a friend who also was trying out, and at 8:00pm he still hadn’t seen the judges for the first round!)


The Godfather!


I pronounce my Best Friend Forever…Gary G-Funk Samuelian as the Proud Godfather of Scout Kei Denison!  With this title comes the responsibilty of getting Scout a gift every time you see him, babysitting anytime, and changing his poopy diapers whenever you are around.  Not really, but I am expecting you to impart every bit of fashion knowledge you have on him!  Aren’t you a lucky boy Gary!

Happy BDay Scumball!


I honor of your B Day Scummy, I thought I would be really creative.  I came up with the idea of saying 29 nice things about you because you are 29!  But because I am short on time (first day of family vacation to Utah), I am going to just say 29 words/phrases:

1.  Good Singer

2.  Nice Brows

3.  Teenie Bopper

4.  5′6′’ with shoes

5.  Makes her girls look cute EVERY day with bows!

6.  Competitive

7.  Healthy eater

8.  Real Estate Guru

9.  Hilarious

10.  Only mom who stays out past midnight with me (lindsey)!

11. Flasher

12.  Shopper Galore

13.  Life of the party

14.  Great white elephant gift giver

15.  Always dressed to impress!

16.  Good mom - but not the funnest anymore!

17.  Ultimate skate waitress

18.  Always knows someone who knows someone

19.  My little phone buddy

20.  Looks good in Britni’s lingerie

21.  Goes the extra mile for a buck!

22.  Shameless

23.  Bargain hunter

24.  Loyal friend

25.  Always up for anything - those types of girls are few and far between!

26.  Always gives me her US Weeklys

27.  Out of control

28.  Always happy - until Bryan threatens her in Catan

29. BFF!

Scummy - have a great birthday, and I went to G-Funk for a little help with above!  We both love and adore you, and hope your birthday this year can top the surprise party I gave you last year.  WHHOOOO you little “superstar”!

50’s Style!


Every so often I get the total itch to do something fun.  So this time around, I planned a 50’s drive-in party!  We had a handful of couples over for BBQ’d burgers, milkshakes, hula hooping, music and a drive-in movie.  I kind of put it together at the last minute, but it turned out to be a blast. 

 waitress.jpg fall.jpg


We had all of the cars back up to the movie screen, and Scummy Tacky and my sister Tristen were roller-skating waitresses.  But in the end, Tristen’s stint on skates was short lived because she took two major falls within the first minute.  It was hilarious. - especially the part where she was on the ground, face down, begging B. Tacky to get her skates off because she broke her tailbone! Her limp throughout the night had everyone feeling bad, but I kept cracking up everytime I saw it, and told her she better invest in one of those donuts you sit on for a broker tailbone.  On the other hand, Scummy proved to be awesome at the whole 50’s thing.  She did great on the skates, dominated the hula hoop, and even won a $100 bet that will go unnamed.


The burgers were fabulous.  I must say Micah and I are a great team on the grill.  Britni made the shakes that were some of the best I have ever had.  We then all sat back in the trunks of our cars and watched American Graffiti. I didn’t die over the movie, so I just socialized while Micah and Scout hung out watching the flick!

hop9.jpg cimg0720.jpg

cimg0716.jpg cimg0722.jpg

When it was all over, Micah broke out the DDR, and we have some new people hooked.  Namely Andrew Lark who was very impressive, Doug Jolley who picked it up quickly (see the picture of Doug and Micah, and notice Micah squatting like a russian dancer - I think he was either taunting Doug or showing off!), and Mary Jolley who wants to follow in my footsteps and go into labor from DDR.


We had such a fun time, and can’t wait to do more things throughout the summer! And most importantly…PLEASE NOTE….my hair was in a beehive!  It looks more along the lines of “the bride of Frankenstein”,  but it is supposed to be the ever classic 50’s beehive!

cimg0729.jpg cimg0723.jpg

buddies.jpg katie.jpg

scum-and-tristen.jpg hop11.jpg


Cutie Pies!

heman.jpg the-boys.jpg

Last night HeMan ended up at Tacky’s house…and for a lack of anything better to do…they shaved their heads!  In a nutshell I would describe them both as Handsome!  But thank goodness Micah had other plans last night! 

Britni the hair guru!


Britni Samuelian graduated from hair school last week.  So I figured she was ready to tackle my hair.  She did an awesome job with a partial weave -I wanted to go lighter for the summer- and Britni suggested “lingerie layers” which turned out great!  Tristen, Britni and I made a day out of it.  We watched a movie, had lunch and laughed about the whole time!  Watch out Ken Paves….there is another guru in town! **Woops! Actually, she is moving back to Vegas**