When we have to wait for Scout to get out of school — and we have an hour and a half to kill…we usually grab a bite to eat somewhere we can do homework.  Every once in a while, I splurge, and take them to the Nordstrom Cafe.  But to be honest — I splurge on the location, not on the meal.  Like today, I ordered one kid’s meal for them all to share.  It is a cup of soup, a full grilled cheese sandwich, and a bowl of fruit.  So they each get 1/3 of the sandwich with some soup to dip it in, and a few grapes.  I think that is fine!  They did NOT!  I kept reminding them that this was a snack, and not a meal. But they just grumbled over and over that they were starving!
The waitress must have felt for them, because she brought out two plates of extra bread sticks for them to munch on!
Oh brother!!!  But they were LOVING the waitress!  And so was I!
But they still grumbled!
Especially when Nonnie showed up with a plate full of food for herself!  Look at Navy!!!
Unbeknownst to Nonnie…the kids were still “starving”!
As soon as she realized what was going on, she handed Navy her credit card and told her to go get more food…all while rolling her eyes at me!
When Navy got the card…all three kids celebrated!
Oh brother!!!