img_0154.JPGLindsey claims that she never wanted a big wedding.  She just wanted to have a basic ceremony and a dinner afterwards with the family.  The actual event was anything but basic. 

There were flower arrangers in our garage for weeks prior to the big day.  Lindsey chose light yellow and white for the colors.  I’m sure there are some special names like parakeet img_0147.JPGand snowflake that I’m supposed to be using to describe the colors, but I don’t have a clue. 

From the beginning of the week, it was forecasted to rain on our wedding day.  Lindsey img_0103.JPGcried about it at one point, but I never had a fear.  And she claims that I’m pessimistic.  

Saturday was perfect.  We set up about fifty chairs on the lawn on top of the Hill of Terror.  Of course it’s a ridiculous name for a wedding venue, but it has lots of history.  Lindsey and I always went up there for picnics, reading and various other activities.  img_0114.JPGOnce the grandkids got old enough, we took them up there to play and roll down the hill.  It was named the Hill of Terror because of the way Lindsey would terrorize the kids.

The sky was crystal-clear blue with 360° views of the ocean and surrounding hills.  Jeff and Ryan used their trucks to drive people to the top.  Good thing for them because Great Grandma is ninety-four years old and could never have made it up the hill.  There was a string quartet playing music under white umbrellas, and the Bledsoe’s and Nilson’s joined our families to watch the ceremony.  Lindsey was driven to the hill in her mom’s white Toyota Sequoia.  You might have mistaken it for Cinderella’s chariot but there were no white horses to pull it. Bishop Daw married us.  He was Lindsey’s Bishop while she lived in Utah for the year prior to our wedding.  The vows that he recited were very long and I answered them to the best of my abilities, “I will, and I do.?  Somehow Lindsey thought that was a funny thing to say, but it got the job done.   img_0107.JPGWe had a bunch of little flower girls and Trey was our ring bearer.  He had seen an Arthur cartoon a few weeks before our wedding where one of the characters was a ring bearer in a wedding.  Apparently, Trey had heard the term “ring bear? and he just couldn’t wait to get his “bear? costume.  There’s something you’ve got to love about that kid. 


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