A Simple Request

“Do not move me.  Dash.  To everyone.”
Good thing he wrote a note, because I was going in to move him when I read it!
Then I left him exactly where he laid his head down.

Tennis Girls

Like mothers, like daughters!
Just three well-endowed, mini tennis players for the WIN!

Dash’s Cast

Dash went back and forth…and back and forth.
But he settled on pink…because “real men wear pink”!
And when we got home — I embellished that baby!
So now Dash has the all-time coolest cast in the history of casts!
Dash — you have never looked so manly in your whole life!

New Room

After over 10 years, my mom thought it was high time to change out our family room.
Today was the day we came home to that new room…and we are in LOVE!
It is just a new and fresh and especially comfortable room, that just refreshes the whole house!
But the best part of the makeover….
Our family motto — hand painted — on a flag.
Courtney Peña and I had the best time putting this together — and yes…there was diet coke involved!!!
It only took us a day to feel right back at home…but in a new and improved space!

A Cowgirl and Her Cowboy

Giddy Up!

Broken Wrist

Spencer took Dash to the skate park.  When they got home, Spencer showed me Dash’s wrist and said he thought it could possibly be broken.  Although he wasn’t sure, because Dash said he hurt it right when they got there, and he skated the whole time.
When I looked at it, it looked a little sketchy, so we headed to Carruthy, who pointed us to the hospital.
When we were driving over, Dash told me that he took a few falls after he injured it, and tears came to his eyes from the pain, but he never cried.
The hospital tried to give him medication for the pain, and Dash kept saying he didn’t need it.
Dash went in to XRays, and as soon as they came up, I saw it.
A clean break.
The doctor was even a little surprised it was broken, because he said that when Dash said he didn’t need medicine, he knew that he probably just hit it really hard to swell up.
So he got temporarily casted — and we were sent on our way.
When I sent a picture of the break to Spencer, he wrote back, “He is maybe the toughest little kids I have ever seen. I didn’t even know he was hurt, until I saw him struggling to get his helmet off and offered to help him when we were leaving the skate park.  Then we went to In-N-Out for 45 minutes, and he didn’t make a peep.”
I love all compliments about my kids — but when it is about them being kind, good or TOUGH — those take the cake!


Every time I see Navy lately, she is getting crafty!
Today, she cut up a blanket and sewed and glued it to have a bunch of pockets all over it.  It is intended to go over the back of my seat in the car — and will provide her with an organizer, where she can put all of her special things she needs for the car in it.
The final product was great.  In fact, all of the others kids were putting in requests to have one made for them.  UNTIL…hers kind of fell apart and ended up in the trash the next day.
I told her that the great inventors didn’t do it in a day!
But unlike Alexander Graham Bell, and Benjamin Franklin who persisted until they got it right — Navy quit her side hustle of car organizers.
(And I was a teeny bit happy, because she cut up one of our good blankets!)

Navy’s Work

Highest grade in the class!


I needed a head shot from Pippi to put on our wall next to each of the kid’s baptism pictures.  Although Pippi is so stinking cute — the lighting was a little off, and they were not a slam dunk.  But I did like them in black and white…too bad I wasn’t looking for a black and white.
But the few candid shots I got of her running across the top of the jetty, were may favorite pictures of the bunch.
And my favorite “selfie”, was the one Pippi insisted on!


Navy and I have been on a major art kick lately.
It started off with a piece of art that we were going to get for our house, but when I saw the price tag, I said, “I can paint that!”
Here is that painting.
It is fine.
It is actually hanging in our family room as I type — but only as a place holder for a future piece we love!
I copied, but added the peony bush, the flowers, and the seven black sheep — representing the folks who live here.
I know it isn’t great — but not bad for randomly paining one afternoon.
But check out Navy’s stuff.
She is talented!
Her bowl of cherries in watercolor!
Her lime in oils.
Her freehand sunset in acrylic.
And her baby feet in colored pencils!
She is so fun to watch as she gets in the zone — and creates!
Here is my watercolor popsicle…
And some sort of mountain/lake scene in oil.
Navy is way better — but we have the best time painting!