dsc_0153.JPGAfter the ceremony we all headed back down to the house for the reception.  Everything was white, the tablecloths, umbrellas, and the huge canopy over the food line.  And there were yellow and white bouquets everywhere. dsc_0154.JPG

We wanted everybody to bring their kids to the wedding, so we set up a whole area for them to play.  There was a cotton candy machine, wedding cupcakes, hot dogs, a trampoline, a caricaturist, and an amazing balloon artist—she made a monkey hanging from a palm tree and it looked perfect.  Lindsey also hired a French artist named Pierre to paint our wedding.  He came in a beret and had an incredible accent.  Too cool. 

dsc_0186.JPGSeth and Brett got our wedding cake as their present to us.  Lindsey picked it out.  A four-tier spice cake with cream cheese filling, covered with white fondant and big edible yellow roses.  It was created by the same cake decorator who won the Food Network Challenge cake design contest.  She still thinks it’s the greatest wedding cake in history.dsc_0187.JPG 

For the most part it was low key, just like Lindsey had planned.  The string quartet from the ceremony played background music.  We cut the cake without announcing it to the crowd.  She threw her bouquet directly to Tristen, who was the only single girl around.  And we tried to say hello to each of the five-hundred-or-so guests. dsc_0243.JPG
We served grilled shrimp, barbequed pineapple, fresh lemonade and, what else, filet. The entire night was a blur, but we loved every minute of it.  Lindsey couldn’t have been happier with the way everything turned out.  Now we just have to wait for Tristen’s wedding.

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