As we were all sitting around this afternoon, my kids kept saying, “let’s do something fun”.  I was thinking “sitting around” was fun!  But then Doey piped up and offered to take Scout and Navy down to the beach to look for sea glass.  They decided that they were going to walk down to Doheny, search for glass, and then walk back.  I was game, but offered to take them down so that they only had to walk one way.  And of course, I stopped by 7-11 for them to have a treat and Slurpees for their adventure.
And for the first time ever, I sent my kids off to do big kid things without me.
Doey is rad, and kept sending pictures.
My favorite picture is this one of Scout climbing this rad tree that they found on their adventure.
But I also love this action shot of Navy next to this mural.
Nice eye Doey!
When they came back, they were going on and on about how much fun it was.  Doey might be their favorite cousin for a lot of reasons, but i think the first reason is that she is always willing and ready for adventure.  That’s just our family’s style!