There has been something creeping up in the world news called the Corona Virus.  It came from China, and has now spread everywhere in the world.  Italy has been hit especially hard, and the United States’ numbers are climbing quickly.  Much is unknown about the virus, but the word “Pandemic” has come up repeatedly, and since the word out is that it is really bad for older people with existing conditions, we have decided to be really careful because of my mom being in the house.
A few days before Capo Unified decided to completely shut down schools, I pulled our kids out to keep us from bringing any viruses home to my mom.  And that is when our Homeschooling Adventures began.
We had journal writing.
(Peppa Pig in Chinese)
We also had math, reading and English that are not pictured.
It has been a week or so.
I have learned a few things.
I never ever want to home school for real!
And, we are in desperate need of a better schedule!

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