Super Saturdays Are Back!

Every fall brings many things…..beautiful leaves, cooler weather, and unfortunately many Saturdays filled with endless football!  Here is father and son watching the UCLA game.  I secretly think that Micah hopes Scout plays for UCLA like he did!  Notice the UCLA colors on Scout. 


Camp Pendleton Sprint Tri


Micah competed in the Camp P. Tri again this year.  All was good, until we found out that Kirk Lindahl fell on the bike and had road rash all along his right side.  He ended up finishing the race like a champ, and was very pleased to report he had the “crash of the day! 

p1010010.JPG p1010008.JPG

First Sponsored BH Tri!


Micah put on another Beacon Hill Triathlon…but this time he had a little help!  A local running store, Fleet Feet, came down and sponsored the event by putting up the aid station during the run portion.  We also had some sponsors send products to give out at the event such as Cliff Bars and Cytomax.  The race was really fun, and the pool has never been more full.  My duty as the lap counter was a total disaster.  I had to split it with some other spectators, but even the lanes I counted may have been off. Hence my pre-race disclaimer….COUNT YOUR OWN LAPS!

We had some pretty cool happenings at the race:

1. We had a new BH Tri winner named Brett Bryan coming in at 1:16:12.


2. ***Marc Hemeon came in 2nd place AND he beat his nemesis Dave Bourne!!! A big congrats and a shout out to the Clydesdale Training Program!***


3. Bryan Tacky gets the award for most improved!  He has shaved about 15 minutes off of his time.  And for a 1 - 1.5 hour race, that is AWESOME!  And the best part is that when he finished, he looked at his watch and said, “I could have totally beat Seth on that one!” I guess spending $5,000+ on bikes really got the fire under your rear a little hotter.  Good J-O-B!


4. We got some new people out to the race.  And two of them actually are friends of mine from college. Mikey Bartholemew - who tied for first in the swim showed up and did really well coming in 6th. And John Zimmerman had a great race, but his 10 minute transitions where he wailed like Chewbacca kind of added to his total time in a negative way.  Even so, he finished 10th out of 17!

cimg0747.jpg cimg0750.jpg

5. We had Tarah Hemeon and her brother Jaren battle for 12th place.  In the end, Jaren took the lead, but Tarah was a great sport!


6. We had a great crowd of spectators thanks to David Bourne’s family who was in from out of town!


7. Poor Kirk Lindahl showed up at the usual race time - 6:30.  We were still in bed when he called Micah’s cell to ask where everyone was.  Micah then informed him that this time around the start was 9:30 and he should have slept in!  And the saddest part is this would have been the first race he didn’t bring up the rear because there were two flats that lost to his previous times!!!

8. This was Scout’s first BH Tri….and I think he has the itch!

9. And last but not least…Micah, who came in third (1:30 behind 1st) was shunned by my family.  My mom said that she is a little humiliated that he didn’t win, and bragging about a third place son-in-law just doesn’t do the trick.  Poor Micah, but when you start at the top, the only way to go is down.  Which is why I NEVER stop at the top.  DUH- who hasn’t learned that trick yet?

cimg0748.jpg cimg0749.jpg cimg0755.jpg

It was a success, and thanks to everyone that helped!  The next BH Tri is going to be an open water swim for the first time! We will see how that goes!



My Mom…the Encourager! Part II

So in this week’s People that my mom tossed my way, there is an article named, “Bikini Body - After Baby”.  It features Brooke Burke five months after she had her baby.  My reply is this:

1. I am only 1.5 months out, so I will see you in five months!

2. I am more of a “tank-ini” type of girl!

3. I know, I know!  Which is why I signed up for a 12K on September 1st, 2007.  It equates to just over 7 miles, and looks pretty fun.  I have gotten a few people to run it with me for moral support, but anyone else interested is welcome.  Micah put together a training schedule for me, and I got clearance from my doctor just this morning to get going on the jogging.  I am excited, and my first small jog today went well.  I didn’t have to stop at all!  But I won’t write down how slow I went or how short a run it was!


Utah Rednecks!

Micah ran with a team called the “Utah Rednecks” in the Camp Pendelton Mud Run today.  The team consisted of Devin and Ciara Lindahl, a girl named Kim and his sister Bree.  In honor of the team, domestic Bree made really cool team shirts.  They were bright yellow with “Utah Rednecks” on the front in red.  On the back was their names in camoflauge.  And the kicker was the arms of the shirt were cut off in true redneck style!  They did pretty well, but Micah and Devin have plans to be running next year in even better style…..they want to come back with three other great runners and win the whole thing wearing pink, short shorts and zorro masks.  Luckily Scout isn’t a little older, because that is definitely the type of thing a kid would be embarassed by!

Beacon Hill Tri #8

Click Here for Beacon Hill Tri #8 Results in Excel

Lindsey finally brought the camera so we have pictures to post. 

Swim Heat 1

Actually, lets talk about Lindsey for a bit.  Shout out to the pregnant girl.  When I first started doing this race I brought Lindsey over to the pool to time the race and help me count my laps.  It’s pretty easy to sit poolside and count a lap every 45 seconds.  Then she started counting everybody’s laps and keeping all of their split times.  That’s a little bit tougher.  Now she’s the full-blown clerk of the course.  She does the pre-race countdown and keeps track of all the laps and times–while taking pictures, then she picks up everybody’s clothes and miscellaneous stuff from the pool deck and carries it back to the transition area for more pictures and to get splits from the bike leg.  Then she rushes down to set up the aid station with water and Gatorade–and she takes more pictures.  Then she rushes back up to the finish to get everybody’s final times.  OK, she also has help from my mom, but at 8.5 months pregnant, she gets all of the credit.  We need more volunteers!

He-Man out for a morning strollMom helped in the transitions and had bagels and bananas waiting for us after the race.  Thanks Mom.

On a personal note, I finally broke 1 hour 15 minutes.  It took me 8 tries, but I came in at 1:14.28.  By the end of the season I should be able to go under 14:30 in the swim, 37 minutes on the bike and under 20 minutes on the run.  That will get me close to 1:13 if I have good transitions.  More on transitions to follow. 

Micah in transition

Steve Donahoo was having an off day so I was able to stay with him on the bike.  It was perfect because it makes me push a bit harder and my bike leg was fast. 

Steve kept complaining about his lack of sleep and the carpal tunnel syndrome in his wrists that were making it difficult to shift gears.  I heard excuse after excuse, but I think he was just slacking.  Every time his wife drove by on the course, Steve would speed way up and jet ahead of me.  Lindsey caught Steve in the transition area and it’s obvious what the real issue was.  You’re not supposed to lounge in the transition.

Steve in transition

Mostly everybody ran personal bests, so the conditions must have been good.  That means people are getting into shape so the next couple of races should be pretty fast.

We don’t want to talk too much about how Bryan Thacker made me reschedule the race to this weekend instead of next (my sister had to miss the race because of this change), then he made me change the start time because he had to work on Saturday morning.  Then he didn’t even show up.  He must’ve been an only child in an earlier life. 

Of course, Kirk Lindahl brought up the rear in style.  He’s slowly getting faster and faster and I think he’ll be giving up the final spot before the end of summer. 

Here are some thumbnails.  Click to open the full-sized image in a new window:

He-man trying to fly mess with Ted, you be dead the other he-man Kirk on the run Dave on the run Micah running He-Man in Transition Steve running? 

There’s a nice image gallery below.  Click around to check out the pictures and download your favorites.

Display Gallery...


We got up at 4am last Saturday to head down to the Tritonman Triathlon at Mission Bay in San Diego.  The caravan met at the Lindahl’s at 4:30 and we were “off to the races” as they say.  Ciara Lindahl’s fiancee, Ted Bell, came into town and the whole Nielson crew came to the race to support Dave. 

My two biggest fans came to support me.  Lindsey took all of the pictures so she’s not in any of them (plus she’s become very camera shy during her pregnancy).  But Skilly was wide awake and ready for a picture:

Me and Skilly

The race venue is a nice flat and easy course.  Although it is an ocean swim, the bay is completely protected from waves.  The water wasn’t too cold for this time of year, about 65 degrees, but that brought in the jellyfish.  We swam through hundreds of them.  At one point I thought that I got kicked in the face, but when I looked up there was nobody near me.  This meant two things: 1. I had been stung by a jellyfish on my cheek. 2. I was way off course.  What’s new?

Kirk couldn’t breathe in his new wetsuit and thought that he might be having a heart attack.  But he finished the swim and rode hard on the bike. 

The bike course was a flat three loops around Fiesta Island.  The only thing we had to deal with was a strong headwind on the back side of the loop. 

Tritonman Finishers

Everybody was happy with their finishing times.  Kirk gutted out the run, and we all did our part to help him in.  Everybody cheered along the course, Devin and I ran with him for the last half mile, and as he approached the finish line, we heard Lindsey’s voice booming over the PA system, “Here comes Kirk Lindahl, bringing up the rear in style.  The only guy to take a potty break during the race.  Whooooooo!”  Classic Lindsey.

Display Gallery...

Beacon Hill Triathlon #7


For BH Tri #6 we had to jump the pool gate because the guard hadn’t unlocked it yet.  This time they kept us out by shutting off the plumbing.  However, thanks to some great work by the Hemeon’s (and others), we were able to resurrect the course around the Marina Hills pool.

The swim was the same 800 meters, then we biked two loops around Chapparosa Park for a total of 8.77 miles, and finished with a 2.4-mile hill run around Parc Vista Drive.  As always, it was awesome.

Some highlights include:

  • Everybody pitching in to find and set up a new venue at the last minute 
  • Dave making up 5 spots on the bike leg while riding a mountain bike
  • Mark and Tarah becoming the first husband-wife tandem to finish the race together (we’ve had five other husband-wife teams commit to race and fall out at the last minute)
  • Seth completing the race in 6th place with a blood-soaked shirt and a leaf in his hands for mental support (what?)–this guy has 5 boys under the age of six and does not train
  • Bree ripping the run in 17 minutes and change
  • Kirk running his laps in the pool because the water was so shallow
  • Brian skipping work and overcoming two dropped chains to finish with a smile
  • and the ultimate–coming back to my car to find 7 missed calls from Summer.

Mom, Dad, and Lindsey came to lend support.  Lindsey timed the splits and counted laps, Mom set up the aid station with Gatorade, water, bananas, and bagels, and Dad rode the course looking for stranded riders and struggling runners. 

We probably won’t go back because the pool Nazi and his minions ran us off the front lawn before we could enjoy our post-race snacks, but it was a great course with some awesome competitors.  We’ll be back at the Beacon Hill pool for #8.

Solvang Century Ride

Micah and I headed up to Solvang, Ca two weeks ago so he could compete in his first century ride.  For those of you who are non-bike riders, that means he rode a 100 mile race.  He has trained for it for a while, and was pretty prepared by the time he got there.  We went with his parents, and met others up there as well.  He started out at some rediculous time of the morning, and he didn’t finish until about 2:30 in the afternoon.
I thought all must be going well throughout the morning until I got Micah’s call from approximately mile 25.  I answered, and happily asked how everything was going.  All I heard was, “This race is horrible.  My body isn’t even working today.  I am over this!  We have 50 mph winds in our face no matter what direction we are going in. ”  Not knowing what to say since he had 75 miles left, I asked how his dad was doing.  His reply was, “He is WORKING me.  It’s not even hard for him.”  At this point, I wanted to point out that not only was it his choice to ride, but he even paid a good chunk of money to do it.  But instead, I just said, “Well, have a good attitude.  Bye!”
Well, at the end of the race, I was there to cheer him in.  He said the race got better when he ate at mile 70 or so.  (Apparently the guy didn’t think breakfast was necessary?) But in support of his call, everyone we knew that rode that day, said it was the hardest century ride of their life.  I guess the winds were terrible and really fatigued the riders.  And as far as his dad goes, he said that he did think it was hard, but didn’t want to say anything because Micah was looking so strong. How classic!

Upcoming Beacon Hill Triathlon - March 24th! Sign Up Now!


Swim… Bike… Run

Every year Micah sets up a handful of sprint triathlons in and around Beacon Hill (his parent’s neighborhood.)  The competitors use it to test their hydration methods, transition times and mostly to prepare for upcoming races.  Micah has about 10 somewhat regulars, and a couple of people who are friends of friends who will show up.  

It is a really fun event!  They swim laps in the Beacon Hill pool, then take about a 12 mile bike ride around Marina Hills, and finally run just under a 5K.  He somehow has conned me into setting up an aid station along the run portion, his mom takes the splits, and both of his parents set up a light breakfast afterwards.  During that breakfast, all of the competitors sit around and talk about every single detail of the race.  

Some of our stars in the race are the following:

  1. Kirk Lindahl – He always brings up the rear in style!
  2. Seth Ure – Without any practice at all, he didn’t come in last place…thanks to Kirk Lindahl!
  3. Bryan Thacker – The guy had never been on a road bike and did a good job!
  4. Steve Donahoo – Almost 50, and came out looking like a 19 year old!
  5. Chris Fetter – He has held the course record for over a year!
  6. Micah Denison – Best looking guy out there!

If anyone is interested in racing, let Micah know.  We have a really good time, and it is only two hours out of a Saturday morning.  And the very best part is…..Micah hands out Beacon Hill Tri shirts he custom designed to anyone who participates.  Now that is something you can wear around town with pride!