I guess when you have a little sister that always tries to be like you, it gets to you sometimes!  But this time, she has really gotten to me! 

Tristen’s new thing is that whenever she comes over to our house when the baby is not awake, she just “checks” on him, and then he is magically awake!  Funny thing is that after four months, Micah finally set up our baby monitors, so I know exactly what is going on in the baby’s room. 

This morning, Tristen came over about 45 minutes after putting Scout down for his long morning nap.  Against my wishes, she “checked” on him.  I curiously and anxiously listened by the monitor to hear the door slowly creak open.  Then what she thought were delicate footsteps over to the crib.  A few little taps on the bare back…and then a surprised HUH!  She spotted the monitor and knew she was caught red handed.  She tried to play it off, like she knew I was listening all along and whispered “MAMA” in the monitor so I could hear.  Then I hear Scout’s mobile playing “By The Sea”, as I irritatingly head over to the room.  When I get there, she quickly says, “he was already awake”.   I think NOT, as I see the sweetest little swollen eyes opened about half way.  He looks up at me and then puts his head down again.  Then Tristen says…”Whoops!”

I told her she is his caretaker for the next two hours, and then this is what I found………………..


(Notice he doesn’t like it!!!)


The final looks….

p1010135.JPG p1010129.JPG

His dad is going to kill her!  And my mom just says that we will make beautiful girls!

(P.S. - Megan just called and asked what was going on.  We told her the above story, to which she replied, “Funny you mention that.  Last night we were looking through the baby videos, and Lindsey…your kids are dead.  You were the meanest aunt.  You were always making our kids eat gross stuff and when Chloe just started walking, you were yelling…trip her, trip her!”  –Well times have changed Megan, and I am much nicer now!)

(P.S.S. - I told Tristen to clean it all off, and she hesitantly reported that it will all come off in the pool….except maybe the lipstick.  Apparently she couldn’t find a dark enough color in the regular type of listick….so she moved onto the permanent stuff.)  -Don’t worry crowd - I have the remover!

Super Saturdays Are Back!

Every fall brings many things…..beautiful leaves, cooler weather, and unfortunately many Saturdays filled with endless football!  Here is father and son watching the UCLA game.  I secretly think that Micah hopes Scout plays for UCLA like he did!  Notice the UCLA colors on Scout. 


Isn’t it Ironic?


Scout just in the last week has discovered his hands and is starting to grab things.  The ironic part is that I NEVER wear jewelry besides my wedding ring, and I just recently got a necklace that I will wear all the time.  He has already found it and always has his little fist tightly wrapped around it, and every time Skylar has him he comes away with a handful of hair.  He is also starting to grab at toys and objects which keeps him pretty entertained for a bit!  It is very exciting!

How Cute Is Skilly!


Last night, Micah watched the baby while I went over to do a couple of things with Gary.  I went to sleep at about 2:00am.  I woke up to feed Scout at 7:00am, and then started reading.  I fell asleep reading and figured I would wake up again when he was ready to eat at about 8:30.  After a good sleep, I looked at the clock, and couldn’t believe it was 10:00am and the baby wasn’t awake yet!  I went to the crib to see a bunch of blankets, but no baby.  That is when I discovered Skylar had gotten Scout up, changed him, bathed him, got him dressed, and was trying to feed him a bottle.  Keep in mind that he has only nursed, and isn’t used to a bottle…but Skylar got him to get about 2 ounces down.  Nice job Skilly, and thanks for letting me sleep in!




Lately Scout has a habit of ferociously sucking on his lower arm.  Initially I tried to feed him or give him a plug, but he usually isn’t interested in either, and goes right back to his arm.  So at any given time he has a little hickey on one or both arms.  I wonder if he is teething at 3 months, which I have heard is a bit early, but I am not sure of any other explanation!

3 Months and Counting!

Happy three-month Birthday to the nicest, cutest and best baby boy in the world!

Posing w/ Tristen

Tristen spent the afternoon taking pics of Scout the other day.  Some turned out really cute, and this is the shoot where the toilet photo was taken - which I love!  Tristen is fun because she always wants to take the pics, and Scout is fun because he is game on anything.  The boy NEVER complains! 



The King On His Throne — or in it! (great title Tristen!)

I promise it was sanitized!

Prince Charming


Stinks for Prince Charming….Cinderella said she liked Scout better!


Scout’s latest trick is copying what I do.  Actually, he is only copying one thing - sticking out his tongue.  If I stick out my tongue, he will look at it for a bit, and finally stick his out!  Now that everyone knows about his trick, he has tongues stuck in his face -in total- about three hours of the day.  I kind of think he sticks his tongue out just to get everyone away from him!  It is very cute!