Micah decided to take the kids camping to Joshua Tree.  I love to have a day or two by myself when they camp, but this time I felt mom guilt and drove to Joshua Tree a few hours after they left.  I know that sometimes…kids just need their mamas.  When I got there…I realized that I should have no guilt whatsoever!  I am completely unnecessary to the camping equation.
Camp was set up completely to their liking.  Micah gives them full reign, and they do a really good job.
They had their unruly day planned — including all sorts of things that might have been mom-blocked.
Navy replaces me as the mom of camp.  She had a fire going, and food going for everyone who wanted it.  (Notice the morning s’mores which I would have mom-blocked!  Good thing Navy was in charge!)
And the exploring was in full force.
Scout found his very own machete on one of his explorations!
Again — something that might have been mom-blocked.