Homeward Bound

People dread road trips.  Not me.  I love them!  Some of my greatest memories when I was a child were from our 10-12 hour road trips.  Unfortunately, we have a television…which helps and hurts.  It helps the peace of the overall trip.  It hurst the number of hours where the kids are making legitimate memories.
Speaking of….the two great memories of this road trip…
This is the time when Scout and Pippi had to get out and walk.  This was Pippi’s second offense, and Scout’s first.  They were both caught without their seat belts.  When I caught them, I drove off the next exit, and drove down a dirt road 1/2 a mile.  I let them out (it happened to be hot — VERY HOT), and let them walk and think about wearing their seat belts while they made their way back to the car.  Some may think this is grim punishment.  But when a mother drives for six hours (at that point) and asks for them to put on their seat belts too often…that mother has to really drill it home. (Clearly it didn’t work the first time where Pippi had to walk by herself for 100 yards.)  The best part….Scout laughs his way through my punishments.  He is such a great sport, and even put Pippi on his shoulders to take some of her load away.  Scout is really awesome..and you better believe that those kids were perfect at wearing their seat belts the next 5 hours!
Our other good memory from this road trip — Dash, who pulled out his tooth a day ago, has compensated his teeny tiny gap with a lisp!  We kept cracking up at how he was talking.  Then he would yell “Ssssssstooopppp!”  and we would laugh harder!

Deer Valley Hiking

For our last day in Deer Valley, I demanded a hike.  The ski hills in the summer are filled with wildflowers, and trails to hike.  Out of everything we have done thus far in Utah…this tops my list!  I LOVE a beautiful hike!
My favorite element of the hike…was of course the shirtless kids.  I hope mykids stay shirtless as long as possible in life!  I love how carefree they are.  Just how children should be!
And I was giddy with delight over this bouquet of beauties!
Those black ones did me in!

A BYU Afternoon

I’m not sure if anyone knows my love for BYU…but it is real!
Where else can your four kids get their hair cut and styled for $35 bucks?
Where else can you bowl in such a happy setting?
Where else can you ride Cosmo like a bull?
Where else can you meet up with a favorite cousin for reading time.
And where else can you send off a missionary into the world?
It is simple…
BYU reigns supreme!

Cavity Extracted

This was the scene tonight — all night.
Dash was trying to get his teeny tiny right front tooth out.
He was very impressed with his hard work…and the fact that the tooth fairy is going to visit him in Deer Valley!!!
Unfortunately, after a mother’s inspection…I informed him what I informed Scout long ago!  The Tooth Fairy doesn’t want bad teeth for her jewelry business!  And this one — with a massive cavity in it is a no go!
No Deer Valley stop for the Tooth Fairy tonight!
(Phew!  Talk about silver lining!  Good thing he had a cavity, because I’m pretty sure the Tooth Fairy was going to have a hard time drumming up a $2 bill before bed time in 20 minutes!)

Papa’s Place

When my kids found out there was treasure hunting to be done on Papa’s Midway property….there was not a second to waste.  I literally think my kids retrieved every single water-logged golf ball there was in his stream!

Fairy Forrest

the kids and I heard about this mytrhical place called the Fairy Forrest…so you KNOW we had to check it out!
First, we had to follow the painted rocks.  We were climbing over trees, through streams, and over boulders.
But after about a quarter of a mile…we found it!  There were thousands of painted rocks and little fairy gardens everywhere!
Good thing we stopped at a Dollar Tree earlier today, because our nail polish came in handy.
Scout’s first rock was awesome!
Here is our loot of rocks — we had to look far to find an empty tree for our loot, but we found a perfect spot.
We even covered the tree in hearts, and declared it the “Denison Love tree”.
After our shenanigans…
We headed to the local soda fountain for some AMAZING homemade milkshakes!
Today was a GOOD day!

River Crossing

The beauty of Utah, is how beautiful it is year round.  The falls and springs are hard to contend with, but the wildflowers all over in the summer, might be my top pick for most beautiful.
Today, we decided to head into the mountains, and drove off a random road to find this little gem of a river.
We had to kind of climb down to it, and before I got there, the kids were already hopping in the water.  We spent an hour throwing rocks to skip and make big or small splashes.
The highlight, was crossing the river.  It was rushing pretty good, but down river, it was so shallow, I knew that if my kids got in a sticky situation, they would only float away about 100 feet.  Scout was the first to make it through the waist deep water.  Navy followed.  Then Dash wanted in.  I told him that chest-high water is very dangerous, but Scout assured me he would keep Dash safe.
And just like he said — completely unscathed.

Deer Valley Club

The Samuelians offered to let us use the Deer Valley Club, and I jumped on it.  I have had a little bit of hormonal craziness over the last month.  My doctor said it might be Peri-menopause, but I think it might be “end of the school-year recovery”!  Whatever it is, I was really looking forward to a few days with just my kids.  And there isn’t a better place than Deer Valley to forget real life, and hop into a relaxation / fun mode.
My kids nailed relaxation.
And they nailed fun!
One amazing memory that came out of our Deer Valley stay, was the UNO playing.  We played well into the night, and got up early to play more.  While we were playing, Scout developed a song that` he sang over and over, that we were all dying over!
It started out with “Camino Capistrano”.  He sang it with a bit of a Spanish accent, and then continued on with street names, city names, and names of different locations.  Then when he stopped the song, there would be a pause…then he started up again with Camino Capistrano.  We would burst out laughing every time!  The best part, is that he was singing it very mindlessly.  It is the same way when he does his homework — he sings mindlessly while working.  So while he was playing cards, he sang.  We all started giving him more city name and street names, and he just added them in at his leisure.  It was the funnest card-playing jam session EVER!
“Camino Capistrano, Stonehill, Dana Point….”and it went on , and on, and on!

Wild Things

We are all suckers for anything wild!  So on our way to the Deer Valley Club this afternoon, we went on a hunt for wildflowers.  You can’t even imagine the gasps from Navy and me, when we happened upon a field of the most gigantic dandelions.  Navy jumped right out, and started picking away.
She scored about forty of these beauties!
As we headed off to get something to eat — we found more wild!
This time — wild strawberries!
My kids ate every single one of them!
Then on our way up to the club, we saw a hill covered in a variety of wildflowers — so we obviously had to stop again!
Because we obviously had to adorm our table with a beautiful bunch of wildflowers.


I think this might be about the 14th proposal between these two.  He always humbles himself to one knee.  And she always says Y-E-S!