Scout Turns Double Digits

Guess who is ten?
It was a mellow Sunday celebrating our first kid in the double digits.
How has it been 10 years?
Fidgit spinners are all the rage at the moment, so he was pretty pumped when he opened one that had LED lights on it!
He got a rad present from his little sis.
And the firework candle never disappoints.
Happy birthday big boy.
This past year, you have literally become more confident (didn’t think that was possible), more defiant, and more argumentative.
But you still crawl into bed with your mama each morning, and we cuddle for a few minutes while we talk about important things, so I’ll still put up with you.
I love, love, love you.
Your good as the very best.
Your naughty is really annoying.
Lucky me that you’re mine, and have been teaching me lessons all along these last ten years.
I love you to death!

Scout’s Gold Rush

Scout had his fourth grade Gold Rush day today.  It was so cool, and really well done.  He said he needed a costume, so I got him all geared up, and he said that all of the kids at school said he looked like a lumberjack!  I told him to tell them , “I rush for gold during the day, and cut down trees at night.”  He didn’t tell them that.
He was part of “Welsh-Fongo” the town’s bank.
(I can see why people said he looked like a lumberjack.)
The day started out, when they were all looking for gold.  Scout found a ton on the hillside.  Then the kids all had to turn it in to the bank and get real money for it.  Scout somehow ended up with the most in the class.  (Go figure.  Maybe it had something to do with him handling the money.) Then they got to go and buy things from the different stores that the kids put up.
When Scout found the fresh berries and cream stand, I think he single handedly kept them in business.
It was a really fun day for all of the kids, but I think Scout may have loved it the very most.  I think he thought he was the Bill Gates of ‘49.

Wild Sweat Peas

Not more than a mile away, all of the rain this past year has created a field of wild sweet peas, that will knock your socks off.  When you open the car door, you almost flinch because the flowers are so fragrant.  After I saw the field, I had a brilliant idea for my mom’s mother’s day gift.  I took all of my kids to the field, and they each sang one of our favorite primary songs that Nonnie taught them just a few months ago.
After the Jackson 4 finished their solos, they all sang it together.  The plan is to splice it all together as one song, cutting in and out from person to person.  I have high hopes!
When the project was done, we walked through the fields, and just inhaled.
Then we picked a few wildflowers to take home for some more inhaling.
(Update: The Jackson 4 created quite the video!  It was actually amazing at how opposite it was from my vision.  But it did get a good reaction, filled with tears.  It’s just that those tears weren’t tears of happiness — they were tears of laughter!)

Sweet Field Trip

When I heard about Navy’s field trip, I signed up to chaperone.
When they had plenty of chaperones, I just went.
In fact — it was better that way, because I brought the little kids with me.
How rad is a field trip — walking across the street to the movie theater, and watching “Born in China”  — a National Geographic movie about animals born in China.

Seat Belt Problems

Pippi has to be told at least six times in the car to get her seat belt on — or to put it back on.  It is so frustrating, that today I had my last bout with it.  When I asked her for the third time to put it back on (I had put it on initially), and she refused….I said, “OK….I’m sorry to tell you that I am driving you over to the police station.”  I don’t know that she believed me at first, but when I pulled in right next to a cop car, she figured it out really fast.  I went around the car to get Pippi out, and by then, she was in tears.  The whole way into the station, she kept saying, “I don’t want to go to jail…I don’t want to go to jail!”
When we walked into the station, I was hand in hand with my crying Pippi.  I marched straight up to the man behind the desk, who happened to be a senior citizen volunteer.  I said, “I have a little girl who doesn’t like to wear her seat belt.  Will you please being out a very stern officer to talk to her about why it is the law to wear it?”  As Pippi was bawling about not going to jail, the man said to me, “I don’t know if I can do that.  She seems pretty upset”
I get that he felt bad for Pippi, the blubbering mess, but he hasn’t been in the car with me the many, many, many times when she walks all around the back of my car.  We sat and waited in the lobby, as the man headed into the back - to get a police officer.  I was so happy that something finally might make Pippi scared enough to wear her seat belt.  After about ten minutes of waiting, while Pippi cried the whole time, the man came out himself.  He was carrying a seat belt brochure, and behind his back he had something else.  When Pippi calmed down, he pulled out a stuffed Zeebra from behind his back, and said, “Hi Pippi!  The police and I want to give this new stuffed animal to you.”  She immediately lightened up.  Then he said about four things about seat belts being safe, and thanked her for being such a good little girl.  By the time we walked out of the station, Pippi was in totally good spirits.
I think he accomplished what he had intended to.  I’m not sure I did.
In fact, I actually thought the whole event was a little counterproductive.  Pippi definitely got in and put her seat belt on right away.  But there was no real penetration of a lesson.
A prefect example was about two hours later when all of the kids were in the car.  Everyone got their seat belts on except Dash.  He didn’t and wouldn’t.  I finally started to lecture him, when he said, “Mom…I don’t want to put my seat belt on, because I want a zeebra too!”

Slow Mover

I was with Pippi most of today.
It seemed like everything was moving extra slowly, and it took us forever to get anything done.
When I looked at my pictures, I figured out why.
At the mall, she seemed to move every single mannequin to where she wanted them.
In this case — dancing alongside her in the children’s department of Zara.
And in the bathrooms, she wanted to wash her hands and dry them within an inch of their lives.
So basically, she is slow, because she is experiencing the wonders of life…one thing at a time.

FHE Conductor

It’s rare, that you’d have a Family Night conductor, who is also a hair aficionado…
And who can perform the perfect push up.
It’s rare — but not impossible.
Meet Dash.

Laughing At Herself

I think that one of the best things you can teach your kids — is how to laugh at themselves.
Perfect example — when Navy came home from school today, I asked, “What on earth happened to your shorts?”  She didn’t knkow what I was talking about, but Scout, Dash and I kept laughing and laughing.  I told her that it looked like she had something in her pants that was weighing the middle down.  (Dash yelled out, “Yeah!  Like poo.”)  I took a picture to show Navy what we were talking, and rather than her getting mad — or embarrassed, she thought it was as funny as we did.
Then she took them off, and said, “I’m throwing these ugly shorts away!”
I told her I’d light the match.

Surdy and Pips

For the wedding video alone, I love this picture of these two best friends.

Eyebrow Interrupted

I came home to the saddest news about Pippi.  She and Trilby were sleeping in Nonnie’s bed, and Pippi rolled off and hit her head on a slightly opened drawer.  It was dark, and Pippi didn’t cry that hard, so Trilby comforted her and they went back to sleep.  But when they woke up, Trilby saw that Pippi had bled everywhere.  All over the bed sheets, all over herself.
When I got home, I saw the gash — and it was pretty legit.  We keep moistening it, and trying to butterfly it closed.  But I think my little girl is going to have “eyebrow interrupted”.  What a bummer….but the gash goes right through her eyebrow, and puts a teeny space where she won’t have hair growing.  Am I so vain to be bummed?  I bet yes.  But I am legitimately bummed.