Smarty Pants

Is it just me…or does Pippi look like she is fourteen in this photo?
Good thing her little baby buck teeth are spotted in this photo…because I do NOT want her growing up too fast.

Doey’s Call

Doey is headed to the Domincan Republic for 18 months!  We couldn’t be more excited…but REALLY sad to say goodbye.  But props to you Doey.  You are awesome!

Gone are the days, when the kids stood and smiled and said “cheese”.
Oh yeah — I never had those days.
Take a close look at these pictures:
Check out Scout squeezing Pippi’s hand.
Dash is hugging way too tightly.
And this is two seconds before a wrestling match is going to break out.
Sometimes I think I will love the personalities in these pictures one day.
But those days are in the future….certainly not in the minutes I am trying to have them all look and smile.

Mall Scavenger Hunt

Navy was aching to do “something fun” today.
I had to go to the mall, so I picked up Royal and Grey, and I sent them on a scavenger hunt, while I ran errands.
We met up for lunch, and then I had to see if they did everything right.
Among other things — they had to get a free sample at See’s Candies.
Something weird.
Something awkward.
I was dying when I saw their pictures!
And Navy was very satisfied with her “something fun”!


These three saw the perfect Halloween backdrop.
Then they plotted that they needed to be “scared” in said picture.


THese three always know that Carruth’s office could mean shots.
Shots have always been a breeze for Navy.  Dash has come around too.
But Pippi….
she is my biggest wimp.
So bad…that Navy carried her to the car, because Pippi’s leg “wouldn’t work”!
Oh brother.
(Please note: I said…”oh…you can walk just fine…scoot along.”  Before Navy rescued her.)

Cup Art

For a class party, I used hundreds of these red cups — and stored them away.  Well, my kids found them…and it has been a Red Solo Cup art kind of day!
There were some masterpieces….
But the piece de la resistance….
Was this beauty…that Dash and Navy worked on meticulously…
But when it got a little to high…a slight knock to a cup, sent the whole thing tumbling down.

Dash’s Project

Dash created a flat version of himself, and he was supposed to take it around and document a day in the life of Dash.
Naturally, Dash scooters at the harbor.
After he takes a ride in his pimped-out pink stretch limo!


These two are bonded.
He walks around the house, and must say, “I love you Non” 15 times a day.  Then he rubs her feet at night as they compete in Jeopardy.  Then he ends up with all sorts of stuff I never bought him.
These two have something going.
But I think it is a win/win for the both of them.
(And me.)

Navy’s Science Camp

For the first time ever….Navy is leaving us!
It is going to be a tough week for us without our peacemaker, and right hand gal.
But she is SO excited!
First thing is first:
They had a competition to see whose artwork would be on everyone’s science sweatshirt…and Navy won!!!  How awesome is that — and she was so proud!  Even if she sort of copied something she found online…but “made changes” to make it her own.
It was cute, because she was constantly complimented on it, and you could tell that she was loving it.
Then for Family Night, we all wrote Navy letters that she would get while she was at camp.  She told me afterwards that she got the most, and that she loved them!
Did she really love Dash’s, that said, “I hope you have a fun time away fromScout.  Cause Scout is yucky and mean and so ugly.  You are the most smart and sexiest person besides me.  Love, Dash”
She said it made her laugh out loud!
SPeaking of Scout — Scout created an entire gift for her, that she wasn’t allowed to open until she was on her way to camp.  I was there when she opened it, and it was a darling note with candy and money attached.  I was so touched — until Navy said, “Mom…this is all money and candy out of my bank!”  We both started laughing at Scout’s move.  And maybe because of the circumstances, she actually thought it was sweet and funny.
Pippi was sad to say goodbye.  Dash didn’t even know what was happening.  And Scout was filling her with advice, and was so bummed she was leaving.  Their farewell hug was so cute!
When she loaded on the bus, she made a move to get her own seat.  (My girl!)  She eventually got trumped…but great effort Navy!  Then they were off.  How bittersweet.
Fast forward five days….
Navy, in a braid, won for the most beads on her necklace!  I asked what they were for, and apparently you get a bead every time you accomplish a skill, or do something nice or extra.
Of course she won for the most beads.
She is a competitor…but mostly, she is just rad!