Cade Returns!!!

After two very respectable years, we finally have Cade back!
It was such a great reunion…especially for my kids who adore him.
It blows my mind that only two years ago, he was making the decision to go on a mission after Bryan was diagnosed with cancer.  I remember thinking he was so brave and awesome for choosing to go.  And look…two years later, and Bryan is doing great, and Cade accomplished something amazing.
After our late (almost 10pm) and awesome reunion…we drove home from LAX.
Italy time did Cade in…and this is about the cutest picture of Navy and Cade sleeping on their way home!
When we got home — Britni the great, had an entire spread out for us ready to eat.  It was such a fun night…and her homemade chips and salsa really hit the spot!

Tricky Boy

It is literally amazing the lengths my kids will go to get out of work.
Check out Dash’s hiding spot.
We literally couldn’t find him forever.
But his earning of a “LUKAWUK” (Lazy Kids are Working Kids job), may deter him in the future.
Or more likely — he will find an even trickier hiding spot next time.


I am not sure if my dad is enamored or bewildered by Pippi.  Today, he was getting a “this is how you brush your hair” lesson by her.  When he suggested something different, she just rolled her eyes, and said, “Yook at your hair — mine is prettier, so listen to me!”

European Adventure

Micah always makes vacations fun.  So when he brought out his projector, paper, and a tracing pen — to make a huge map for us to mark up, I wasn’t surprised.  We haven’t totally figured out our route, but I am sure this map will help us understand the distances, and where the landmarks are!

Fair Loot

Pippi wasn’t too excited when I explained the life of a stuffed animal won at the fair.
First — you get excited and bring stuffed animal home.
Second — You play with the stuffed animal(s) for one day.
Third — YOu think of someone else who would love stuffed animal(s).
Fourth — You deliver them.
I told her — “Pippi…you better run and play.  Because time’s a tickin’!

Neighborhood Fair ‘17

It’s our favorite time of the year — the neighborhood fair was assembled a few days ago.
We all know the best bang for our buck is the cake walk — and my kids literally brought home six cakes.
Great — or not so great?
There was a big change this year!
Seth and Cade talked me into letting Scout and Navy go with them to spend their last tickets.  So the four kids cruised the fair alone for about 45 minutes.  Too bad I was actually there — just not “with them”…because Dash and I were over at the Cake Walk winning a few more cakes before the night was over!


She’s got the body for it.
She is also almost as flexible as I was when I was little.
I think we might be looking at a future ballerina.
But then she tells me she wants to be a mom — just like me.

Seastrand Afternoon

All Aboard!
Royal kept Pippi, Goldi and Blush entertained, as he rode them all around our cul-de-sac for an hour!
I love a good idea that gets put into action.
Like when Pippi and Sturdy decided to put on trash bags for their “costumes”!

Pick Up Routine

Each day when I pick up Dash…it goes like this:
Pippi weasels her way into the spot next to Dash.  Then when they “see their parents and raise their hands” both kids get called on.
Then it’s off to the big tree with hanging vines — for a little horseplay.
Then I ask…remind…then threaten them to get off the tree, and into the car!

Morning Run with Noah

Noah and Sarah’s mom asked if they could spend the night, because they were in a pinch.
I am a HATER of sleep overs, but this time I said yes to help out a friend.
They were really good, and Noah even humored Scout on his early morning run the next morning before school!
For a test run of a sleep over, I realized they aren’t so bad.  That is, until each child bragged to the other about how late they were up.  And then my hatred was solidified, by Scout and Navy’s behavior the following day.
That’s right — just like I have always said — NO SLEEPOVERS!