Pippi is Six!

Early morning muffins from Scout, a bunch of presents waiting for her, roast for her chosen birthday dinner, and butter cake for dessert.
Happiest sixth birthday, to the happiest six year old girl!

Birthday Muffins

You’ll never guess who got up at 4:00am to make birthday muffins for his little sis.
Look at how pitch black it was outside, when Pippi got her very first breakfast in bed, by an admirer.
Love the birthday candle Scout!
Time to go downstairs to eat those crumbly muffins!

Eating Frenzy

Ummmm…we must have a lot of growing going on latey.
You know when your 12 year old boy polishes off half of a watermelon…then dives into bacon topped with ranch…something is amiss.  I have had several talks with him about unhealthy eating, but his exhaustion level leads me to believe that there is some growing going on.  The almost eye-level conversations, make me believe that I don’t have a little boy on my hands anymore.  And I am crossing my fingers that my young man loves me as much as my boy did.

Katie Nichol

Katie Nichol is my saving grace this year!  For the three times a week I am a bit late to grab Pips, I walk up to scenes like this — just a good friend reading to her daughter, and your own daughter!  She is rad.  And Sarah Chaing is there for the both of us when we are both late!  I will admit that I have helped them a few times too….but the scale is definitely tipped to them being the bigger pinch hitters.

Micah’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt

For Micah’s birthday, I hel d an around-the-town scavenger hunt.  Each team was supposed to come as a themed “team”.  Since I was creating the race, and Ashley Samuelian was on bed rest, Spencer and Micah were a team.  Unbeknownst to me, they created a top secret team….”Team Lindsey”
Skirts, lightweight hoodies, lanyards with keys, boobs, visors…and Micah went as far as to put nail polish on his toes — that looked like it was 4 months old!
I told them they won the award for best looking team!
Ten teams competed to win the All About Micah Scavenger Hunt!
The hunt took them to our engagement spot, to the DHHS track to run Micah’s race — the 400, to Sushi to eat disgusting sushi, to the theaters to solve a logic puzzle, to the harbor to pick out his UCLA football number, to the gas station to fill up with his number in cents….etc.
It was awesome, and went flawlessly.
Doug and Mary Jolley were the winners by seconds!
What did they win???
A romantic sunset helicopter ride to Catalina for Bison Burgers….Piloted and gifted by the generous…Spencer Samuelian!  (Spencer wasn’t aware….and was dying — as was everyone else (mostly Nonnie)!  It was sort of a touche to the Lindsey getup he came in!)
We ended the night with berry crumble…and all sat around and discussed the ins and the outs of the race!
Happy Birthday Micah.
It took two weeks for Micah to finally get off his old-looking nail polish.  He couldn’t believe we didn’t have any nail polish remover.  I said, “Why do you think my nails always look so junky!”


Out of all of our Book Nook books, I think that Running For My Life is easily in our top two — it may even be our top one!  It is phenomenal!!!  It is a must read!!!  It is about a little Sudanese boy, who was stolen from his parents at the age of six, and became a lost boy of Sudan.  It follows his incredible life, where he ends up as an Olympian for the USA.
I kid you not…I think this has been the most life-changing book I have ever read to my kids.  They constantly reference the boy
“Lopez” in it all the time, in their own daily lives.  For example, when Scout was interested in eating something I had made for dinner, Dash said, “Scout…Lopez had to dig in the trash to find a half-eaten banana!  This is delicious, and you should eat it!”
After reading it, my kids have seen other parts of the world through it, have become more grateful for what they have, and are sympathetic to anyone who struggles.
10 out of 10
Micah, my kids and I all agree!

After Church Photos

This is what I was going for — sweet and calm.
Good thing I got this ONE photo.
The rest looked more like this:
Their normal selves.

Vintage Half Dome

We were babies.
In love.
And me showing Micah up.
Times haven’t changed.

Jogathon ‘19

I helped out at the jogathon today.  After looking at these pictures of our stellar runners, can you guess what job I signed up for?
I was a lap marker.  I gave slash marks for each new lap for the masses.  But when my kids came around, I marked them up with “I Love Mom” all over them!  I was afraid the new Kindergartner would have not liked bending the rules, so Pippi got her back tagged!

Pippi and Sterdy

Whether at the beach on their four person broom….
…or killing OCD Britni, with an entire table set with fake food….
Pippi and Sterdy just click.