I am not a giver of allowance, or free money — but I am a huge giver of bribery.
And so is my mom!
For a boy who didn’t “like to read”, many years ago, a few bucks got him reading.  And this boy is the ultimate reader now!  This $100 was for a huge series — The Percy Jackson Series, which took him months of reading every night.
Is $100 too much?
No, because he is a huge saver, and literally puts every dollar he ever gets right into the bank.
Is reading worth bribery?
I personally think it is the single-most important thing you can do to improve kid’s test scores for college entrance, business school, etc. So…yes.
Is Scout only in it for the money?
Well….each time he gets a new series to read, he asks me if I will pay.  Let’s say I offer $50.  He is happy and moves onto Micah (unbeknownst to me!), who will offer him another $50.  Then like a genius — he moves on to my mom…who will offer him another $50.  So working the system is definitely the name of Scout’s game.  But in all honesty — he really does love to get lost in a book!