I was HAD!  Stinking Tristen was supposed to be in town to take Calin and her friend to some lame Jonas Brothers concert.  Well when she decided to take a jaunt up north, I got totally suckered into going.  I have to put a major disclaimer out there……I absolutely DID NOT want to go!  The only reason I got conned into it is because Calin came up to me and told me that only Tristen and I are fun at concerts, and only we can make them really fun…..and “PLEASE don’t make my mom or especially dad take me!”  She had a point, so off I went Monday night with her and her friend Jessie.  We stopped at Zov’s for a good dinner, and got there with five minutes to spare. (Shout out to me for getting the best parking spot available.  I told the guy I was VIP, and he just smiled and told us the back way to get into the VIP parking spots.  After that, I heard Calin say to Jessie….”See, I told you.  She can do anything!”)

We headed into the concert, and all I saw were a bunch of screaming 6-12 year olds, and I figured I would make the best of it.  UNTIL…..Calin handed me my ticket and pointed to section 223, as she and her friend headed over to section 221.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  Out of the good graces of my heart, I went to the stupid concert….only to find out that I would be sitting by my lonesome self at a stupid Jonas Brothers Concert.

You should have seen me in my chair.  I sat there with my fingers in my ears the whole time, and almost lost it when Nick Jonas asked the crowd if “they have ever had a really hard time in their life”  and the two 7 year olds went ballistic in support!  Talk about a serious sneak attack — and when I asked Calin’s mom why she omitted that info while telling me about the concert, she said, “Well, I didn’t think you would have gone!”  Really?!